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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhere can I sign up for RHIT Ready?

A РJust go to and enter your information and your all set.

QWhat is RHIT Ready?

A – RHIT Ready is a place for you to hone your RHIT exam taking skills. It includes over 400 mock exam questions to separated by domain. Take each domain exam and see where you you need more work and where you are prepared.

QWhat does RHIT Ready cost?

A – A one time payment of only $49.99.

QAre the answers included?

A – Yes, the answers are included.

QHow will I know my score after I complete each exam?

A – Each exam is automatically scored. You can review your score after you complete each exam.

QIf I retake an exam are the questions and answers in the same order?

A – No! The questions and the answers are all rotated each time you take the exam! There is no memorizing the questions by number or the answers by A,B,C,D because everything changes each time you take each exam.